Configuration manager Waas Service plan. Feature update to Windows 10 Pro, 1607 fails with 0x8000FFF

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Hi Team, 


I am working on creating/test WaaS servicing plan in configuration manager. Config manager is 1702 CB.

Currently we have 1511 CBB installed on few laptops and trying to upgrade these laptops with 1607 CBB feature updates.

Clients are receiving the deployments through config manager service plan and can see it in config manager software central, while installing the update, it starts and successfully download required files from the DP but while installing it, update process fails with an error 0x8000FFFF (-2147418113). Any idea what could be causing it. Looks like 0x8000FFFF is a generic error.

Any pointers to resolve it would be helpful.

Pl. find screen shot attachedIMG_20171121_182703.jpg


WUAHandler.log file:







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