After upgrade to build 17035 BAD POOL CALLER

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problem after updating to new build 17035 BADֲ POOL CALLER and green screen count 100% and reboot



already uninstall programs that are no necessary  check disk health and more


build 17025 was having another problem that fixed  (volsnap.sys replaced with old version of the file)


any idea 



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Same here.

First happened approx 24 hours after upgrade, wasted an hour or so of my life being told to do system restore etc, reinstalled windows.


Ran fine for a couple of days then just happened again.


Nice old Dell 1737, 4GB RAM, Core2duo CPU.


Might this be a 17035 problem then?

Updated this morning (11-13-2017).  Computer sat the majority of the day, then at about 5:00, it started crashing with this same error.  It crashed and restarted numerous times, until I told it to move back to the prior version (17025).  Stable since so far.

Same issue. First, and only time I've ever experienced this error is after latest update. Have maybe a few minutes after reboot for GSOD and will fall into reboot loop if system is left on. Hard to troubleshoot when I have maybe 3 minutes between boot up and the next GSOD. If MS pushes an update it's going to be a challenge to get something installed before spontaneous reboot. Maybe time to just do a fresh install and leave the insider program.

Every time this happens I have to revert to previous OS. System goes back to 17025 OS and problems are all solved. However, every night, MS 'upgrades' me back to 17035 and after a few hours of BAD POOL CALLER I have to restore to old OS again.. Can I please stop at 17025?

Rolled back 17035 to the last installed version (17025) by quickly logging in after the machine had rebooted. To do this i went to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Go Back to the previous version of Windows 10. Once the machine rolled back and had rebooted I the reinstalled any missing hardware drivers (I don't think this was necessary) and in a couple of hours the system prompted me that there was a new version of 17035 ready in windows updates. This version shows as 17035 171103 1616 / and in the OS build window 17036.1000 version 1709. I have been on it a few hours and it seems stable

Now I'm stuck, can't roll back to 17025 because I deleted it, tried everything under the sun. I found out that disabling the network driver extend the duration before the crash by 10-15 min. So i downloaded the iso for 17040 hoping to do an offline upgrade but it ALWAYS results in the BAD POOL CALLER right after i click "Accept" on the terms and agreements. Don't know what to do. Would greatly help if the Windows Team tell us the root of the issue was in 17035 so that we can troubleshoot around it.

Did you at least try running Windows Memory Diagnostic and see if it solves the problem. I haven't tried it yet. But I read online that the error is something in Memory. I'll see if it worked for me.

I think i do, not for sure. i made several fixes don't remember all
It has apparently been fixed in 17040:
"We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders experiencing a green screen on the previous flight with the error BAD_POOL_CALLER."
So now just need to get it to hold together long enough to get 17040 on...
I actually had this problem while attempting to upgrade to 17040. It would get to 80% installed or around that, and then it would GSOD with BAD_POOL_CALLER. I never had a problem with 17035 until then.

Right now I have updates paused until the next version. Hopefully that will work better.

Thanks for the info on 17040. I have the same problem with 17035.  I installed it twice, once after reverting to 17025 with no issues.  I still have the Bad Pool Call on the second install and am in the Recovery option go back to previous version (again) right now.  Once its stable back on 17025 I will try to install 17040 and cross my fingers.



HP Touchsmart 610f 8 GB, 1TB

Oh FFS. So I thought I had set the upgrade settings on my other pc to stop it from upgrading... but no, it decided to upgrade to 17035. And promptly got the bad pool caller error within a minute of login.
How many people had this happened to? Am I just desperately unlucky to get it on 2 machines or is it very common? Do MS have any clue how ******* incompetent this is?

More practically... So how am I supposed to fix either machine when any attempt to do anything crashes it?
Just happened to me after upgrading last night. I went the route of going settings>recovery>roll back to prev version but it crashed during the rollback and so I am no longer able to rollback.

Feels good.

Curious if anyone from Microsoft monitors this and can provide help to NOT upgrade (again) to 17035. There are now two new releases out 17040 and 17046 but I still have 17035 in queue to install.   How can we "skip" to 17040 or 17046 and avoid GSOD before the next version can be downloaded and installed?   Anyone, anyone?  Ferris Bueller maybe? ;)

Don't know, I'm afraid.

What I can tell you is that I've managed to get windows reinstalled from media, but it was a real pain - e.g. full clean reinstall is the only option when you boot from media, and booting from media requires starting windows then doing shift-restart before GSOD, finally managed it on about the 10th go....


... back to your query - it can't be as simple as "check for updates", can it?  If you're on fast ring that will bring up 17046 and surely they haven't put 17035 to slow ring have they?

Thanks for the reply Andy.  Unfortunately there's no option to check for updates when there is a queued install pending.  I surely hope 17035 is not going to ANY ring given the serious problem and many complaints about Bad Pool Caller and GSOD.  I'm going to try 17035 and quickly try to get to 17046 via Windows Update before I GSOD.  Failing that I'll be stuck on 17025 until Microsoft or someone had an idea on how to skip or reject the 17035 before it installs.

Actually, I'll try Shift Restart from the Sign-in Screen and try a safe mode Windows Update. I'll reply back with the results.
This is a recognized issue in build 17035. The issue has been resolved in later builds.
Yeah, we know. Perhaps you could tell us what the official plan is for upgrading to a later build when your computer crashes before you can even start the upgrade process?