How do I "favorite a space" here?

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Hello, I'm fairly new here although I've been part of the Microsoft Community for decades dating back to newsgroups.

Whenever I log in I see this banner:


Welcome Charles_Kenyon!

You are ready to join the discussion. We invite you to visit your profile page and favorite at least one space.


I have no idea how to do this. Nothing on my Profile page seems to correspond to it.

I also looked at this post on Favorite Places but it did not help. I went to the suggested link but the page was inactive since I have no Favorite Places.



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Hi @Charles_Kenyon

Everything will be fine, below I will add a screenshot, please go to all the communities and there at each just click ( join ) , because I have a label there ( leave ) because I have subscriptions to these communities.

You are welcome at MTC





I go to the communities just fine. How do I "favorite" one of them?

When I go to the community, I see nothing about favorites.

When I go to my profile, I see nothing about favorites.




Now I understand, please complete the location (it can be a country city or other known place) that you want to enter in the MTC Member profile.

I am from Polish so my location is (Poland)




Now I saw your profile and it looks good, so in my opinion you can ignore these notifications.

I find no place to set a location. I have set a time zone.
I still want to be able to favorite a space.


After logging in, did you receive a notification again to complete your profile?


I think that this is misleading information, there is no such label in the profile, (this applies to the location) after filling in the Profile is 100% completed correctly.

But, it is not complete.
There are other functions that only work if I have favorited at least one space.


If you open my dashboard -> there you will see how many subscriptions (favorites) you have to the Community



Sorry to be so dense. I do not see anything like the screenshot you are showing and do not know how to get to my dashboard.
I do not have any favorites in the community in this service.


I get the following message, for instance...


When I click on it, it disallows replies because I have not favorited any places.


If it matters, I am using the FireFox browser.


Sorry I couldn't answer earlier, please read the information from this link carefully:

Getting Started on the Tech Community - Microsoft Community Hub

@A1That still did not tell me how to favorite a space.




I will share two screenshots, at the top right is the label ( Member )

and on the other is (Leave) -> just click and it makes you a Member of this space 

or you leave it.Zrzut ekranu 2022-12-16 201006.pngZrzut ekranu 2022-12-16 200844.png

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Of course, if you click on the heart :blue_heart: label to add your favorite space, it is maybe a little confusing.

Just for anyone curious, refer to the navigation bar at the top of the page, and click Community Hubs. Each hub has its own collection of discussion spaces.

Hi @lmstearn 

Yes it is true, but the decisive thing is to click on the heart ❤ label, it causes (adding space to favorites), I'm here some time and I forgot that at the beginning I had such a message as the author of this post.

Best regards 

Select a Community Hub >> look for Discussion topics and favourite (Blue heart) any of the topics



I was struggling with this for a while and the only guidance I needed, was to click on the "All Hubs" 





After that I was able to see this window to do the heart, 


So thank you very much for the assistance. 


Kind regards 


Having same issue and wondering if it’s because I’m using a mobile platform and not on windows desktop?
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Of course, if you click on the heart :blue_heart: label to add your favorite space, it is maybe a little confusing.

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