SharePoint SSO for Teams Tab app

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I am developing Teams Tab app that has function to redirect SharePoint site. currently manifest webApplicationInfo is set as below 


"webApplicationInfo": {
        "id": "25a08858-151f-477d-8fff-e72c9254ac22",
        "resource": "api://"         

 but SharePoint redirection is not working because Teams SSO is already configured. is there any solution for this ? . I tried adding Authorized client application by including SharePoint id. but didnt work



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@MSTechcommunityasit - Could you please confirm if you have added SharePoint site in your valid domains list?

in manifest file, i configured valid domain as below .it needs work any SharePoint domain

"validDomains": [

@MSTechcommunityasit - Is there any console error you are getting?




App resource defined in manifest and iframe origin do not match
failureCallback @ teamslogon.aspx?spfx=true&dest=/sites/SevenfIVE:211





@MSTechcommunityasit - If the domain in webApplicationInfo is not same with your tab app's domain, Teams will return this type of error to you.

In my case, It is same. here I added as [] to avoid the real name

@MSTechcommunityasit - Please refer this thread that deals with similar issue and explains how to enable Azure CDN for your static website. Please let us know if that helps.