tab app hosting and microsoft graph pricing

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hello currently I have an Azure subscription 1, where I pay as I go and I have access to a lot a free services


I am developing a tab app using React in VSCode with the Teams Toolkit extension and the SSO-enabled Typescript template provided, so I just develop the app and the extension takes care of the rest

so I provisioned and then published my app to Teams, and then in my Azure account a "storage account" resource associated with the app was automatically created and it is currenly actively hosting my React app

there are these total ingress/egress metrics on the storage, so my questions are: is there a fee for the app hosting? does a fee is charged everytime the app is opened and the files are delivered to the user? what about the http requests the app makes, the data it sends/receives, are they summed up in the total ingress/egress amounts and then billed to me? how much of total freel ingress/egress amounts do I have? also can I like just host my app somewhere else and change the link in the app manifest so I don't have to use the Azure storage?


and just to make sure, requesting basic user information, contacts list, stuff like that through microsoft graph api is free, right?



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  1. Please follow this document for billing/payment:
  2. Evaluation model should only be used for testing the API. You cannot use evaluation mode once you reach the evaluation quota for that month. You will need to choose from either Model A or Model B. Model A is license based model and Model B is consumption based model. The requirements for the different models are specified in this document:
@juxnpxblo - Could you please confirm is above document helped you or please let us know if you have any other query.