Surface Hub Recovery Tool now available


ICYMI, there's a new recovery tool now available for the Hub Instead of using Cloud Recovery or ordering a new disk (if you lost the Bitlocker key!), you can now download the Surface Hub image to your PC and deploy it directly to the Hub's hard drive.


Download and instructions here.

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Brilliant news! Had to get an SSD replacement sent recently due to issues with the 1703 update on a new Hub and could have done with this tool at the time.

For anyone who needs it, here is the link to the instructions in the admin guide:

Just wandering, how long will it take to re-image the SSD using the SH recovery tool?


SSD cloner can takes around 15mins to clone a virgin SSD with SH Gold Image.

After you download the image it should take 30-45 minutes.

SSD Cloner is of course a great option if you have a Golden Image of the Hub.