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We are looking at purchasing a few Surface Hubs for our new office and recently visited a vendor who had some demo units. During the demo we logged into the unit using a corporate account and were able to access content in OneDrive for Business as well as SharePoint Online, however we could not access content in SharePoint 2016 (on-premise) where we still hold plenty of business data.


Our setup is hybrid O365/on-prem for most things and we have ADFS & WAP 2016 deployed. 


I wish I had taken a screenshot of the error - but I forgot. It was something related to authentication.


I suppose I wanted to know, is it possible to access SharePoint on-prem data using the Surface Hubs or is it literally cloud only? Googling doesn't give a clear answer. 



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Hi George

When you first complete the OOBE (Out-of-box Experience) you will be given the option of joining the Surface Hub to your domain (either AD on-prem or Azure AD). When connected, you should then be able to access your on-prem resources, such as SharePoint.

We have legacy SharePoint 2010 still and can access find from Surface Hub (although we're prompted for authentication from a user account, unless the user is signed into the Surface Hub at the time).

Long story short, you likely had issues as the demo unit, I'm guessing, wasn't inside your domain at the time.

Yep the demo unit was external to the network. I think that's a sensible explanation so we'll go for that for now!


So we now have the demo unit (55") and fully patched.

Unfortunately we still can't access SharePoint 2016 documents. The hub prompts for user/pass with a Windows authentication dialogue but then it immediately fails with an authentication error: "Can't open file. <Filename> may be locked, in use, or you don't have sufficient permissions"


Looking at the IIS logs on the SP server, we can just see 401 errors. It isn't even being passed a username. E.g.


2018-05-29 11:19:41 OPTIONS /clients/Client1/Projects/Folder/ - 443 - Microsoft+Office/16.0+(Microsoft+Office+Word+16.0.9330;+Pro) - 401 0 0 31

2018-05-29 11:19:41 HEAD /clients/Client1/Projects/Folder/Document.docx - 443 - Microsoft+Office+Word+2014 - 401 0 0 31


Anyone got any clever ideas? The Hub is domain joined but that shouldn't make a difference either way (my understanding is the Hub doesn't actually do anything for normal authentication with AD, only for administration)

Hi George

While I'm sure there's clever enough people around here to help with this kind of issue, I would highly recommend instead that you raise a support ticket with Microsoft to look into this further. They can then confirm if it's a known issue, if they have a solution, or obtain logs from your Surface Hub to look into the behaviour further.

Thanks Dan, yes already have one raised and awaiting a response.
I suppose it's still early days in the grand scheme of the Surface Hub ecosystem... googling for "Surface Hub SharePoint 2016" returns this thread now as a nearly-top result :)