Surface Hub - no 2020 Feature Update available



none of our V1 and V2 devices have received the 2020 update yet. Latest OS build is 10.0.15063.2679
When I´m checking for updates on the device, there`s no Update available. (Your device is up to date)
Full Telemetry is on, we do not use WSUS.

Do you have an idea what we can do? I`m afraid to reinstall over 50 devices worldwide with the recovery tool. :)

thanks in advance
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Hello @JensKlingenhagen,


Please open a ticket with support for this issue. We would love to have a look at the logs


Thank you,


Did you find a solution to this? 

I'm also looking at a hub that doesn't see the 20H2 update when I check for windows updates.  It has the 2021-03 CU (KB5000812) installed, and the 2020-07 SSU (KB4565551).  There are 2 updates that fail to install, one for Defender definitions (KB4052623) and one for .NET 4.8 (KB4486129), but I would not expect those to prevent a feature update from being detected. 
Of course, the usual steps for troubleshooting & fixing windows update issues don't really work on a surface hub, since I can't browse the drive or review logs.  

This is all after I have just completed a full reset of the hub earlier today, due to it being relocated.  I went through OOBE, ran updates, and rebooted to apply the updates, so this is about as clean as a windows install gets.