Need Help Creating A Custom Search Page On SharePoint Site

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Hi everyone!


Really hoping I can get some guidance on a page I want to develop for a SharePoint site.  A little background.


I have an Excel file where I have been collecting news stories, press releases, etc. that relate directly to topics that are important to our sales staff.  On the spreadsheet, I have these columns of data I am collecting on each row:

  • Title of article
  • General Overview of article
  • Publish Date
  • File Location Link (either on our SP drive, or on the web)
  • Primary Audience
  • Type of Research
  • Source

Lastly, I have a bunch of additional columns that denote topics of articles (23 total additional columns).  If the story on that row deals with any of the topics, I am simply putting a "1" in that cell (IE - if the article deals with "Technology" in that column/row the "1" would denote that the article deals in some sense with technology).


What I am looking to do is take this Excel file and create a search page on our SharePoint site so our sales staff can utilize it to search for information.  I also want to be able to have additional search field/filter options as well:

  • Keyword search box that would search "Title" and "General Overview"
  • A date range limit search
  • A filter for primary audience
  • A filter for type of research
  • A filter for material source
  • Radio buttons (or similar options) where the user can select pertinent topics (IE - if they are looking for articles on technology, they would select that option)

I have tried to create this page several different ways but keep running into roadblocks.  I have tried uploading the Excel file as a list to SharePoint, which works great, but I can't figure out how to develop the search page itself.  I have also tried to do some development via PowerApps but have been unsuccessful.  One of the limitations I have been running into are security permissions.  The org I work for is very strict on security, so I do not have access to DOS shells, C:/, etc etc.  Pretty much bare bones for access (I don't even have access to Power Pages, which was another development option I explored).


At this point I am hoping the hive mind of the internet can help me!  Please - does anyone have any suggestions on solutions for creating this type of search page?  I appreciate any assistance y'all can provide!

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Hello @UltraMono 


you can try to use the PnP Modern Search Web Parts to create a custom search application:


Best, Dave

Hi @David Mehr - thanks for following up!

I have a feeling I am not going to be able to create a page with PnP Modern Search because I will be unable to get permission rights to install it and any necessary components. Essentially, I only have access to basic tools in SharePoint (and 365). Also as a note, I should add that I am not very familiar with any programing languages so I would be limited there as well.

I know, not ideal.

Any other advice you might be able to provide?