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Looking for some guidance here.  We have a Skills Inventory (paper form) where we identify when employees have completed various skills (screen shot below).  Tasks typically will be completed by an employee on various dates.  These are confirmed (initialed) by various fellow employees.  Once all skills are identified for a level, they can then progress to a new Skills Inventory with new/higher level Tasks.  For the inventory shown, there are (145) tasks (labeled as A, B, C, etc.) broken down into (36) groups (labeled as 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Ultimately, I want to create a Power App for entry/updating.


Is the best method to create (145) Task Completion Dates and (145) Confirmation fields (Initials) or is there a more efficient method?       




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Hello @RJF61


Power Apps is a good idea ;) You can create forms an calculate options and many more.


Here are a get started guide:


Best, Dave