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Hi, what is wrong with the menus in SharePoint? The changes only show on the computer I am using for editing the menu. This is the case for both "website menus" as well as hub site menus. It has been days since I made the updates and the client has deleted all cookies etc. I have even tried looking at the menu in the SharePoint-app on my iPhone, but I see the same as the client, ie the old version. Any ideas?

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This sounds like a support ticket, submit a ticket, and keep us updated.



@Alireza Rahimifarid I found out what the issue was. I was using another language in my browser, so all the updates could only be seen by those using the same language. I didn't know that.

Hi @Alireza Rahimifarid I'm running into the exact same issue but the solution from above doesn't work for me because I am not using another language.  Any other troubleshooting tips?


we have the same problem with SharePoint Online hub menu, it doesn't update for any users sessions except admin session who made the change. Only if users manually delete browsers cookies and site data, they can see the change. It seems like bug on SharePoint Online hub menu, because normally it should update only with page refresh for any user?

Do we have any SharePoint Online representatives here to explain the issue and give us any solution?

Same issue over here.
I just ran into this. Very frustrating as users can't see a new site that's been rolled out. I really don't want to have our entire organization have to clear their sessions and cookies for this change. Anyone know of a better solution?

Opening a ticket for this.

Microsoft just ran some generic "diagnostic" scripts, which didn't help.  I had made the changes on a Thursday night, and by Monday everyone could see them.


I had a few users only clear their "cookies and other site data" (Chrome) from just the last hour and that seemed to work, though I wasn't going to have the entire company do that.

In the meantime, I used this cool site redirect trick, using the News web part.  Basically, you create a news web part somewhere on the old site, with a news link to the new site.  Then set that news link as the homepage for the old site.  As soon as someone hits the old site, they're immediately redirected to the new.  (This, of course, only works for the home page.)