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Dear Experts ,Capture.PNG Please see this, can you make the 'assigned to' only visible for regular users and editable for admin users? Not through power apps but in here. I don't have a paid version of power apps 


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@thobenjo I don't think this is possible using SharePoint out of the box capabilities. If regular users have contribute/edit or higher permissions on list/list items, they will be able to edit the assigned to column values.

Do you want your regular users to add new items or update other column for existing list items? 


You will require custom solution to restrict editing few fields based on permissions of users, maybe it be power apps or SPFx.

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You could create two lists.


In the first List are all the columns editable by regular user, in the second list are all columns editable by the admin.

Set the permissons for both lists accordingly


Then create a Lookup field in the second list to the first list and have this column pull all the additional columns from the first list to the second list.


Then you have to enter your data in these two lists and connect every row by that lookup.


Then you will have the following effect:

  • All users see all the information in the second list. Use that as your view
  • An admin can edit all information in both lists
  • A regular user can just edit the information in the first list

But this does not work for all Field-Types, as you can only project the following field types in a lookup