Managing access permissions to document folders and subfolders in Sharepoint

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I have developed an APP in PowerApps which, among other things, manages the production and archiving of Word documents in online Sharepoint folders through PowerAutomate. Each user must be able to create subfolders of the ARCHIVE folder which, however, must then be accessible only to him.
I handled the issue in the following way, which manually works:
1. I created the USER MANAGEMENT VISITORS group to which I gave FULL CONTROL permission over the USERDOCUMENTSARCHIVE folder
2. The user DAMIANO creates the FOLDER folder under the ARCHIVIODOCUMENTIUTENTI folder (he can do this because he has complete control over the ARCHIVIODOCUMENTIUTENTI folder)
3. The user DAMIANO stops the inheritance of permissions on the FOLDER folder
4. User DAMIANO adds MODIFY permission to himself on the FOLDER folder
5. The user DAMIANO deletes the FULL CONTROL authorization for the USER MANAGEMENT VISITORS group from the FOLDER folder
I tried to carry out these steps through a PowerAutomate flow, which executes steps 2, 3 and 5, but fails on step 4 (I think it happens because DAMIANO is included in the USER MANAGEMENT VISITORS group) with the result that at the end the folder FOLDER is not accessible by DAMIANO.
Here the image with the flow steps;

Screenshot 2024-03-27 182208.jpg
I kindly ask if anyone has any suggestions to give me to resolve the issue. A thousand thanks


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