Adding an Image with multiple url into SharePoint modern communication site

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Hi All,

I want to use modern communication SharePoint site that include an image on the page with multiple url attached to each section of the image.

My image is mix of a DFD and W/F , that I would like to add different urls to each steps. I tried to divide each part as individual image and insert url, but its look like awful. 

So I want to include one image and insert multiple url in each area of the image.

Can someone please tell me how can I do this.

FYI-I have used SPD to add urls in Classic Team site, but I cannot do this on Modern site.



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I'm afraid this cannot be done without some custom Dev and not sure if even with custom Dev you can achieve this

Not sure what you mean by DFD and W/F, but you should be able to use PowerPoint or Visio to create an image with multiple hot spots

He's talking about doing Image Maps I think it what those were called back in the hay day. They require some custom html so As Juan has said it would require custom dev to use in a modern page via an spfx webpart to render the HTML block required for image maps. You "Might" be able to get creative with an embed webpart to do it, but I don't think that would work.
I created a pseudo image map using an embed PowerPoint slide. Create a slide with your image and then add hyperlinks to it, embed this on a SharePoint page using file viewer and the links will work. Migration hack

@Alan Marshall When I use the file viewer, it is laggy and takes a few seconds to get itself looking clear. I've used the same hack with PDF and embedded the links, uploaded the PDF with active links to the file viewer.