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Hi All

My scenario for Working Calendar

  1. I create a new resource with working time 1 day per week
  2. I have make a task, assign to this resource with duration 3 days
  3. System just get 3 days in a week only

I think that system will ask this resource in 3 week. Could you help me to fix it?

Thanks in advance


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Sorry but your scenario isn't quite clear. I sounds like you have a resource that only works one day a week and when assigned to a three day task, you expect the task to expand to three weeks. Is that right? If not, please clarify what you need.


If my interpretation is correct, this is what it might look like. The resource calendar is customized so Monday is the only working day.


Then a three day task is created. To help visualize what happens the Task Usage view shows timescaled data for 3 consecutive days before the resource is assigned. Note, the Ignore Resource Calendar field is also shown to indicate the task will follow the resource's work calendar.


Now the resource is assigned at 100%. The result is that the task duration expands to cover three Monday's work.



Hope this helps.





Thanks for your reply, but I am sorry to made confused for you. I am refer to Project for the Web, it does not to Project desktop.


Do you have any solution on Project for the Web?



Sorry, I can't help you with Project for the Web. Hopefully one of my colleagues will jump in with an answer.



I think that P4W supports 1 Working Calendar per project for all resources.