Project Centre Header Bar sizing

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Why does the Project Centre header bar have varying sizes? It throws the whole table out of alignment and messes with my head! How do I fix this and stop it happening again?Project Centre Header.png

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Hello @Robdonty1395 ,

I've not seen the header eyebrow having varying heights before:


What browser are you using? What triggers this? Is it the same for all Project Center views? What about Project Details Schedule views?



I was able to duplicate this behavoir using Edge, but not in Chrome.

If I ran my cursor over the thin border above the column headers it would expand the cell (make it taller), but not for all columns headers. To return the border to it's original size press F5.

Hello @RFromm ,

I can't repro this in Edge, I must be doing something different. Probably worth you opening a support ticket via your Microsoft 365 tenant to get this investigated by Microsoft.


Hi Paul, I am using Edge, and I am getting the same issue when I view the Project Details Schedule view.
Thanks for the tip on how to return them back to their original size - I am using Edge also
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Hi all I thought I would let you know what the issue is. I had my IT team raise the ticket with Microsoft and they found that it was because the screen size was showing at 90%. When you change it back to 100% it resolves the issue. To resolve:
- Go to the three dots (eplises) in the top right of Edge
- Scroll down to "Zoom" and change to 100%
The issue should now be fixed
Thanks for the follow up. You can also adjust the browser zoom by holding down the Ctrl key then press the + or - key to adjust the zoom.