PWA permissions and Project licenses

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We use PWA and assign most typical users the Project Online licenses.  Recently we added a new group of users and in PWA Settings we add these people as Team Members so that they could only see the projects to which they are assigned.  For a specific project, one user needed extra access and was added via Permissions in the project so that they could:

* Open the project within Project Professional or Project Web App

* Edit and Save the project within Project Professional or Project Web app

* Publish the project within Project Professional or Project Web App.


This user was give a Project Plan 3 license so that they could use the client.  By giving a person the Project Plan 3 license, does that grant greater access so that they can see other projects?  We still want this user to only be able to edit and view this one project.

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TandyWine -- Base on your description, the user in question should only be able to open, edit, save, and publish that one project, based on setting the special permissions for only that project. The Project Plan 3 license has no impact on which projects the user can edit. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much Dale. This is what I was hoping for but google searches weren't confirming this for me. I appreciate the help.
You are more than welcome for the help, my friend!