Project for the web data storage

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Hi, I am new to Microsoft Project for the Web and would like to understand more on it.

Where is the data stored on? 

My company's projects are confidential, is it secure to use Microsoft Project for the Web?

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Hi Rel,

Project for the web data is stored in the Dataverse, formally known as the common data service (More information can be found using this link:

Regarding security, one of the benefits of using Dataverse is the ability to create either a simple or complex security model (More information can be found here:

Your confidential projects will be secure in your organisations environment and can be locked down further to allow specific access for users within your organization.
Thanks Sam. Are there any other ways to export Microsoft Project for the web (perhaps to a .mpp file)? I noticed there is an option to export to excel.
Hi Rel, The only option at the moment is export to excel. I know there soon be the ability to create a Project for the web project from an .mpp file but not sure on timelines yet