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I'm running the MS Project Online Desktop Client and currently working on a reasonably sized project schedule (900 work elements so far). I created a few Timelines for various parts of the Program (Engineering, Production, Delivery, etc) and that all worked OK. I now want to put in an additional Timeline with the key milestones on it and I want it to appear on top of the existing Timelines. However, I cannot for the life of me find any way to rearrange the order of the Timelines.


I can do a workaround by creating another timeline and then renaming all my existing Timelines and moving the milestones/tasks down manually until I have a blank timeline on the top of the screen that I can then populate but I'm hoping that there might be a way to rearrange the Timeline order that I am not aware of?


Thanks in advance for any tips on how to achieve this!!

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Gags44 --

Interesting question. Like you, I am not able to rearrange the timelines in the Timeline view. It appears that Microsoft Project arranges them in the order they were created, with no option to move them around. I do not see any workaround to this limitation. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale_HowardMVP- thanks!! That's what I thought but I was hoping that there might have been some obscure way of doing it - guess I will just have to do the workaround and manually transfer them all down until I get a blank timeline on the top.


The other feature that would be really handy would be if it was possible to only have the Timescale on the top Timeline - ideally I would like to have a Timescale on it but it just clutters things up when it is on all 4 of the Timelines that I have created.

Sounds like a good idea to submit via, File > Feedback > I have a suggestion.

@Gags44 I was looking for the same options here in my huge project with multiple timelines.  And I agree on the timescale showing only on top to save space.  Looks like I'm not the only one.