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We have created manual timelines for all our projects in MS Project App (the timeline that appears on top of the Gantt Chart). 

I am wondering if this data is stored in any database table (the data that shows which tasks are selected to appear on the timeline and how each tasks is appeared as a call out, bar, etc?) 

What I would like to do is to replicate how the timeline looks in Microsoft Power BI but match what the PM has selected to show on their project timeline. I can not find how/where the information is saved so I can use it to build a Power BI timeline. 

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Hello @shzahabioun ,

Unfortunately this data is not surfaced in the reporting API for Project Online. You could do this manually with an enterprise custom task field but that would need the owners of the projects to keep that field value updated each time they add or remove a task to the timeline. Then this data will be available in the Task endpoint in the reporting API after the projects are published.


@Paul Mather Thank you for the info. I thought so.