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I'm migrating MS Project to MS Project Online to allow for online task tracking. I have a couple of questions regarding the Approval Center that opens when clicking Approvals page.

1) I have been trying to add additional columns to the Approvals Center, namely the WBS, but I can't seem to locate the view in Manage Views. 

2) When selecting a task and clicking Approval Preview, it loads the schedule as it should. However, it shows the top of the schedule. With a schedule of 3500 lines and without WBS reference pt.1. I'm struggling to locate the task I selected for Approval Preview. Is this normal or should it jump to the selected task?


Thank you for your assistance.

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Peter --

Good questions. The answers are:

1. You cannot add any additional columns to the Approval Center page. There are no Approval Center views that can be managed on the Manage Views page.
2. What you are seeing is normal. When you use the Approval Preview feature, the system loads the ENTIRE PROJECT, even if you select only one task to preview. To locate that task, you would need to look for a task that is formatted as a hyperlink (blue text).

Hope this helps.

Thank you again.

You would not happen to know if I can change the loading options of the schedule? In the Preview updates, the schedule only loads like 200 lines at the time forcing me to scroll down 200 lines at a time and wait for it to load the additional 200 lines. This is time consuming when I'm scrolling down to look for that task in question.
Peter --

I am not aware of any way to work around this problem. Sorry.

No problem. Hopefully I'll get used to it....