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Good morning,
it's my first post and I hope it's the right section. We have just started using Teams and Planner at the company.

A colleague of mine has the view below:my colleage MicrosoftTeams-image.png

Instead in my Teams I have the following view, much more uncomfortable.

my Teams.png


It it looks completely different.

I don't think I can see the Plan in its entirety, with all the activities (except those assigned to me, I think). Could you help me understand why and get the same visualization? Thanks so much.



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@Guglielmo_B Thank you for bringing this up -- we are currently rolling out the new Tasks app experience in Teams and you can read about the details here:


While the rollout is still happening, the app name remains as Planner. Based on the screenshots, your colleague has the new Tasks app experience (consolidated view of To Do tasks and Planner tasks), and you will soon have the same view when we finish desktop rollout in the next few weeks. The app name will change at that point.

Hi, Shin-Yi, thanks for this! Is there any operation that I will have to do once the rollout will be completed, or will it be updated automatically? Thanks again.


@Guglielmo_B It will be updated automatically.