Link between Outlook To Do List and Planner

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Loved the idea of this however the reality is somewhat different and I am really disappointed with the changes that were made last week.


ALL of my tasks (past and present) have been linked into Planner; everything that has come in from Outlook has been corrupted and is totally meaningless, even the completed tasks and the majority of the tasks have been copied at least once (worst case has been 4 repeats of the same action).   


Then there is the issue of categories not being brought across; I use categories for my To Do List - it helps with prioritisation and I had thought that these would be brought across into Planner.  


I have to really search for tasks assigned to me in other plans in the desktop app (my preferred way of accessing Planner) as it is one huge list; I now have to log in to the web app to be able to sort by plan.  The only good thing is that the tasks assigned to me in other plans have not been corrupted.  


Web App View.pngDesktop View.pngCorrupt Task.png


Overall, the new changes have made things more difficult, I now have 3 applications to look at in order to keep up with tasks assigned to me rather than 2.


Anyone got any suggestions as to how to fix this (other than not use the To Do List in Outlook which is not an option)?



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