New Planner: Grid View doesn't allow multi-select/multi-edit of tasks

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In the grid view (formerly "List" or "Liste" (German)) it is currently no longer possible to "multi-select$" task in order to do mass-Editing (e.g. for moving a lot of finished tasks to a separate "Finished-Bucket".
This is a major regression and really bad news for a "new" Planner.
It seems that the Teams-GUI of the planner is now the same as the web GUI.

Any other user struggling with this?

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@Olaf Huber Yes, The lack of bulk adjustments is a major shortcoming of the new planner app and should be added ASAP. See also: Update multiple Planner tasks in Teams - Microsoft Community


Thanks hanszel
So good to hear I am not the only one. It is a pity that a lot of users, normally supposed to do their "official" job, have to invest a remarkable amount of their time typing and reporting bugs. But I guess this is what "distributed developement" is about... Companies should receive a subscription bonus for each bug reported by users...;-)