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Hi all,


If I assign a task to someone, they get an email notification. That's fine. If I assign a task to myself, I don't.


Tasks I assign myself don't show under My Feed in Teams either.


I can see everything from the "My Tasks" section but it would be useful to see it on Teams and choose to get notifications sent to me also.

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Hi! I get you! Planner is a separate service and dont integrate into Teams more than a tab basically, but it would be nice to have!

Alhough this is under testing and Said to be released in Q2:


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Review your notification settings in Planner and in the underlying Office 365 Group I think the issue you are facing here is that since you assigning the task to your self, you are not going to be notified

Thanks @adam deltinger


I think explaining that Planner is just a tab or view in Teams will be useful for training staff. 

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín 


I guess I could always use Flow for this but my interest on this was mainly around training. I think users might be okay with knowing if you assign yourself a task you don't get a notification but can still see everything under My Tasks,