"You have been assigned a task!" Email links to teams

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Hello everyone!

I am facing some problems about the planner-notifications, which a person receives, if they get a task assigned.

Normally the Notification-link forwards to the Planner-Hub in the Browser, but around a week ago, the layout of the notification switched and now the link forwards to teams with no other way to change it.

The strange thing is, that there is no update listed in the "message center" of the office 365 admin center.
Does anyone of you know a solution to change these links, so our users doesn't have to take additional steps to get to their planner in the browser? The most of our employees are opening the tasks in the browser and closing the tab, when it is done.

PS: Here are 2 screenshots of the old view and the new view of the notifications

old: links directly to the planner task (as we wish it)




new: links to teams


Thanks very much for your assistance!

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