External User (Guest) E-mail Notifications in Planner

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When I assign a task to a user inside my organization, they receive an e-mail that a task has been assigned to them. However, when a task is assigned to an external/guest user, they do not receive any notification. I have notifications turned on for everyone in the group and I confirmed that they are turned on for the external user as well. Do these e-mails behave differently for external vs. internal users?

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I'm seeing the same behavior and have the same question. Back in 2020, guest notifications didn't exist. I've seen MS documents saying it should work now, but they don't.
Same issue here. When i create a task A and assign it to person X (Guest) then he doesn't get notified by e-mail. The funny thing is he does receive e-mails after commenting once on the task. Can you reproduce this same behaviour?

@TMediaBE I don't have an environment to test with right now, but apparently this is expected behavior. I opened a case with Microsoft and they confirmed what you're seeing.  They said this is the tested output for Guest users:


I found something here: Planner · Community (microsoft.com) and up-voted it.


@JinsengH Expected behaviour? Very strange Microsoft behaviour ;) If a task is assigned to someone they should be notified by e-mail with the ability as end-user to turn that on/off (subscribe/unsubscribe), period. Notifications (task assignment, comments ...) do work in the desktop and mobile app for guests. For now we wil have to educate our guests in using the apps i guess. Thx for your reply!