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The roadmap states that "Outlook for Android: Support shared mailboxes" is currently rolling out (as of July 3rd) and should be fully rolled out by the end of Q2. If our tenancy already supports Microsoft Sync Tech, what is needed for our users to start using this feature? Will it rely on an Outlook for Android app update (currently on 3.0.107), tenancy support (any powershell cmds we can run to see if it's enabled for us?), or a test track being enabled (we're currently on Targeted Release for everyone)? Really looking forward to testing this! It's a very highly sought after feature from our clients!

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No tenant settings needed afaik, I suppose a client update is needed for the relevant bits. @Ross Smith IV might be able to share more details.

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Thanks Vasil. We're behind on the shared mailbox rollout. Currently, we've targeted 25% of tenants to have the functionality. We'll be completing the rollout in the next few weeks. Once it is live, you'll see the option to add a shared mailbox automatically.

@Ross Smith IV 


Hi Ross, we have the option available, curious from a mailbox permissions side what is needed?


Can a user with access to another users mailbox (for example an PA\EA) use this to add their managers mailbox to their device? If Yes, what permissions\delegation is required?

A shared mailbox is a special mailbox type that is created using the -Shared parameter. Access to the shared mailbox by a user is obtained via permissions and not through the use of alternate credentials.

Shared mailbox permissions are discussed here - Basically, user needs access to shared mailbox (e.g., FullAccess), and either SendAs or GrantSendOnBehalfTo if you expect user to reply to messages in the shared mailbox.

Delegate mailbox mail data access is not supported with this functionality. This is something we'll support in a future release, but don't have timelines to share at this point. Watch for updates.
it seems to be about a month later and no sign of an app update to be able to access shared mailboxes - how much longer??

@catherine20 - the benefit of performing a slow rollout is that via telemetry and support incidents we are able to learn about the usage of a feature very quickly. In this case, we identified a few issues that made us pause the rollout while we address them. Once those fixes are checked in to the code base and deployed to the production app stores, we'll begin rollout again. Thanks for bearing with us.

@Ross Smith IV, just wondering if there is any update on this rolling out.  We have several people who are waiting for this ability.  Thanks.

@Daniel Watson Getting closer. Waiting on a few fixes to rollout in the client and Exchange Online and then'll we complete the rollout for supporting this feature.

@Ross Smith IV 

The latest Outlook app in Play Store contains the Shared Mailbox feature! 

I can't seem to find it. Where is the option exactly? We got on-prem Exchange. My outlook on android is at version 4.0.74 (373). I can just add a mailbox or a storagemailbox.

@majurz SHared mailboxes are only supported when the mailboxes are in Exchange Online. The Exchange ActiveSync protocol does not support permission related scenarios like shared/delegate access.

Thank you for the quick reply. I feared so. Very disappointing as this is a feature our staff was keen on using.

Hi@Ross Smith IV 


Your first reply seemed to be focused on the topic of shared mailboxes in Android. But your last intervention suggests that we will not see that functionality any time soon. Am I right?

@rubenmar Correct. if you want shared/delegate access, the mailboxes must be in Exchange Online.

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@rubenmar Correct. if you want shared/delegate access, the mailboxes must be in Exchange Online.

Will this also be possible with Exchange 2019 on premise, please?

So I understand better why with Ms Exchange 2013 and the outlook client, the content of my shared mailbox is displayed with the content of my main mailbox, also for contacts. It is terrifying that with such expensive products, Ms does not manage this defect decently. And also it's a shame, that you don't plan to hack your activesync to properly support shared boxes.
The solution for such a basic functionality is still to buy the new product and only the product online... our data are yummy for Ms ...