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Microsoft Ignite 2020 will soon get underway – this year is a digital journey for you to enjoy regardless of where you are. If you haven’t registered yet, go do it now! It’s free to attend.  


This post is to highlight all the information specific to Outlook at Ignite 2020.  If you’d like a comprehensive compilation of content across Exchange, Outlook and Bookings you can check out the Exchange Team blog.


The links to the digital content in this article will go live when the event starts on September 22nd 2020 at 8am PST and you can connect to most of our information during the event from our Virtual Hub for Outlook and Bookings. 


Overview - vision

  1. The Outlook vision: IT and user value in a hybrid workspace - Hear from Outlook’s new leader, Lynn Ayres, on how to empower your users and organization in areas such as Time Management, Mobile Productivity, and hybrid workplaces. Learn about the “One Outlook” vision - inspiring agile innovation, providing IT with tools to meet security and compliance standards, and offering users more value, faster. Lynn will cover the use of AI to help users get work done more efficiently, new integrations with Microsoft 365 apps, and Bookings in the Enterprise.
  2. The Evolution of Outlook - Learn about the vision for the evolution of Outlook as your personal organizer and the transformation of communications and time management in the workplace. We’ll share the roadmap for Outlook and its future within the scaffolding of the evolving Microsoft 365 productivity suite. 

Deep dives 

  1. Introducing the new Outlook for Mac - Last year, in November we launched a preview of the new Outlook for Mac for our Insiders users – with a brand new user experience and rebuilt on Microsoft sync technology. Since then we have been hard at work adding an incredible number of new features and experiences. Come learn about all the new capabilities that makes this the best mail and calendar application on the Mac platform.
  2. The new Outlook for Mac - Under the Hood - Come learn about the  internals of the new Outlook for Mac and some best practices on how to deploy it within your organization. We will go over all nuts and bolts such as how the Microsoft sync technology works, various account types we support, authentication models, deployment configurations that you can deploy that best suit your needs and much more. 
  3. Outlook Calendar: Fundamentals and Collaboration - We know that features must work flawlessly, and that you want to be able to use any Outlook client to accomplish your time management needs. This sessions updates you on these “fundamental” investments so that your users have less issues, more consistency, and love using the features that Outlook offers them.
  4. What’s new in Outlook on the Web - Outlook on the web is one of the first apps where we ship new and awesome stuff, and this year will be no different! Come join us on a session so we can show you all that is new, we have AI, Search, and more!
  5. Delivering a better, more innovative Outlook faster than ever - Understand how the common architecture and embedded web experiences will change the face of Outlook, and it's already started.
  6. Outlook and its place in your organization's mobile productivity strategy - Delegate and shared mailboxes. Check. Sensitivity labeling. Check. Up Next, dark mode and more. Check. What’s next?  Split screens, drag and drop and connected experiences: learn about the innovation in Outlook mobile designed to keep you organized, connected and prepared through out your day asked for by our leading Enterprise customers.  
  7. What’s new in Outlook on mobile browser - Remember the update we did to Outlook on a desktop browser? We are doing the same to Outlook in a mobile browser! Come join us as we share all our updates and new features.
  8. Voice and more AI assistance in Outlook - From neural network voice readouts to voice commanding  --  Explore and see demos of AI and Cortana capabilities built into Outlook that help take the load off your workforce for optimal personal organization and time management.
  9. Sorting out your Outlook contacts and connections - Outlook is enhancing the way you manage contacts on your mobile device with new sorting and filtering options, support for contact subfolders and a performance updates you’ll love. No more duplicates! Tune in to learn about these new updates and get a preview for what is next to come.
  10. What’s New in Microsoft Search in Outlook – Connecting Outlook to Microsoft Search has unleashed capabilities that deliver a more consistent experience, drive productivity and improve performance. Dive deeper into how Search unlocks organizational knowledge in Outlook, saves time through actionable results and surfaces what’s relevant to you.
  11. Virtual collaboration across Microsoft 365Virtual collaboration is a key way to get work done in a hybrid work environment. Learn how to take advantage of Microsoft 365 collaboration scenarios across Outlook, Teams, and Office apps.   

Quick links to articles about Outlook and Books with more related content (links will go live 8AM PT 9/22):

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What's new in Outlook on the web

What's new in Outlook on a mobile browser

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Available for Early Access: New Bookings experience and capabilities to help streamline scheduling


Learning Path – Mailbox Protection with Microsoft 365

Learn about how Microsoft protects your email and calendar data end to end:  helping to make sure that your data and privacy are protected from the device in your hand or on your desk to the bits on a disk in one of our data centers. The related article can be found at


  1. Protecting E-Mail And Calendar Data End-To-End - See the secure, end to end flow of communication, between individuals and organizations. See a high-level view of how data is secured and treated from the disk in Exchange Online to the client.
  2. Protecting Exchange Online Mailboxes As A Secure Vault - How we protect data on disk, how we protect the servers, the service, the story of HA and resilience and security and compliance in EXO.
  3. Protecting Outlook data with Authentication and Authorization controls - In this session, you will learn about the authentication mechanisms available with Exchange Online and how Azure Active Directory provides authorization mechanisms, like Security Defaults and Conditional Access, to ensure only the trusted users and devices get access to your Outlook data.
  4. Protecting Outlook data on your devices – In this session, you will learn about the differences between device and application management capabilities that can be used to protect your Outlook data on devices, how device risk can be used to further evaluate the health of a device, and the solutions you should implement to protect Outlook data on managed and personal Windows 10 devices, as well as, mobile devices.
  5. Protecting sensitive emails with policy-driven compliance - Classification of your content, sensitivity labeling and protecting in transit and at rest.  Learn about what's new with information protection -- how you can audit your environment to ensure compliance and find out what's next with reporting and data loss protection in Outlook and Exchange.

This information will also be available with the Ignite 2020 Virtual Hubs for Outlook and Bookings as well as Exchange.


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But that’s not all! Be sure to come back here to the Outlook blog Tech Community once Ignite begins as we will publish several articles that complement our sessions and will also go deeper on what’s new and newsworthy.  Given the digital nature of Microsoft Ignite 2020, our stickers won't be available this year sadly.  But come back to this article and related Ignite news articles in Tech Community during Ignite, we might have a digital give away for our Outlook, Exchange and Bookings fans. 


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