ICloud for Windows

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Is the new iCloud for Windows add-in available anywhere OTHER than the Microsoft store?
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Hi, The publisher of this application is Apple INC - so there you have to check and probably you can download the version for Windows.

How do you check it please write if it is possible.

I’m writing an update to this question.


I’ve been looking for a way for Outlook to manage my Gmail account for Email and my iCloud account for calendars and contacts.  The iCloud for Windows add-in for Outlook for the best option, but it would routinely crash. Also, if you’re on an enterprise-managed PC, your organization may not allow access to the Microsoft Store (reason for my original post)


Microsoft has released the “New Outlook” app for Windows.  I understand that it’s still Beta, but they’ve allowed us all to download and use it.  It’s missing LOTS OF FEATURES compared to the regular Outlook, but it SOLVES THE SYNCHRONIZATION PROBLEM PERFECTLY!!!


If Microsoft gets this new version of Outlook close to Par with the old one, our sync prayers have been answered!