iCloud for Windows integration making Calendar on Outlook 365 on PC load very slow

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After syncing Outlook calendar to iCloud, it now takes up to 45 seconds for calendar to open when going from mail to calendar on my PC.  

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Me too!!  Makes using outlook painful.....Very painful.  

Fix this... PLEASE...


I removed the iCloud integration and the problems went away.. So I am sure its the integration which is buggin...

Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Found a few threads with the same problem, but have not seen any solutions.



As I see has been suggested by others, unchecking the Calendar and Outlook from iCloud fixes the problem.  

@drcookie1  This problem excist already for more than 10 year.

As from the moment you install icloud on windows, and you want to use it (why not, because solution, disable it, is not a solution), going to calendar few takes ages..


I really don't understand that or Apple or Microsoft fixs this.

Saying.. it's 3th party (Microsoft) or it is not our software (Apple) is NOT a solution.


I really wondering if Apple is testing this.. Some Developers need to make it I thing.. but make it, not test it?


I can't understand.