Windows Mail now Outlook and I don't have IMAP account, I have POP3

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I have a Lenovo Laptop with Windows Mail. I also have a DELL Desktop that DOES have Outlook on it. Part of the STANDALONE Office Suite. My email is POP3. I don't have IMAP, I don't want IMAP. I DON'T WANT TO SYNC TO THE CLOUD, period.


Now today Windows Mail says I need to start using Outlook. Fine, I like my Outlook on my Desktop. But I can't get past the 'sync my IMAP' message. Outlook is looking for an IMASP Password. I have an email password on my POP3 account. 

I also DO NOT WANT TO SYNC to 'the cloud'. I have NO USE FOR THAT and I just DO NOT WANT my info in 'the cloud'. 


How do I get around this? Thanks.

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@Fritzmom I would like to hear the solution to this issue as well. I am in the same situation. It all worked fine with Windows Mail but now that it has been changed to Outlook I cannot connect to my POP3 e-mail.

@bgshadow Hi There

If you ever find the answer please let me know. So far, the Windows Mail is still working, but who knows for how long.

Good Luck to us All!