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Hey guys,


Got an issue, One of the users here has a file that keeps replicating version history its currently sitting at over 6000 versions and its a 10mb file.

The users OneDrive is full and every time I try to delete the file or delete all versions I get an error when using OneDrive Online. When i delete the File from Local Files OneDrive will not sync as the Storage is full. The user is currently sitting at 1TB and the license only allows for 1TB. 

Not sure if there is something in Admin side that can delete this file or remove the versions.



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What Microsoft 365 Plan do you have? If you have E3 or higher, you can increment the ODFB storage space using PowerShell or the Microsoft 365 Admin UI:

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for your reply, i ended up sorting this out by excluding the user from the retention policy and then i was able to remove some folders to free up enough space to start to delete the Versions.

Took a while but all versions are now gone and OneDrive is back to full Syncing.