OneDrive - Something Went Wrong

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I cannot get a OneDrive share link without getting the below error message. Can someone advise what has gone wrong? Tried rebooting my computer and no luck.


Something went wrong


{"error":{"innerError":{},"name":"GraphError","correlationId":"84851393-a4b5-4d97-9a35-ea760fe6d9a3","isExpected":false,"code":"UnknownError","extraData":{},"response":{"error":{"code":"UnknownError","message":"{\r\n \"message\": \"An error has occurred.\"\r\n}","innerError":{"date":"2022-04-05T14:52:28","request-id":"84851393-a4b5-4d97-9a35-ea760fe6d9a3","client-request-id":"84851393-a4b5-4d97-9a35-ea760fe6d9a3"}}},"status":500,"serverStack":"","request":{},"error":{}}}



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I am having the same problem. Lousy microsoft.
I also suffered from the same problem, is there a solution now?

Hello guys


I am the china IT, I have faced the same question that when we share the files. We try to some ways and I find an available one. We can open the Internet options and find the 'Do not save encryped pages to disk' on the Advanced, Don't open it and click ok, maybe that all right.

I wish this can help for you.@Leo_Lee_0719