Can't empty recycle bin in onedrive

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I recently have started having OneDrive storage space issues.  I have spent hours scouring message boards but none of them apply to my problem.  

The problem is that I have tried emptying the recycle bin using "advice" from other posts but there is NO button in my onedrive that says "empty recycle bin", only "restore".  it says i am over my limit by 195%

i know i'm not always the brightest star in the sky but unless i am a complete idiot, there is something wrong.

please help, this is very frustrating



I was finally able to find an "empty recycle button" but it was only available in the section where it said my account had been frozen due to lack of space.  I clicked on it and it has been "retrieving the files" for 10 minutes now.  something is not right.

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