Performance Limitations of Onedrive Windows App

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Good day all,


Is it a common or well-known fact that the Onedrive app in Windows is slow when sync-ing a large amount of data?


This isn't the first time that I have run into this problem and was wondering whether this is well known or whether we may have something wrong on our side. Uploading 250gb or so (syncing a "work" account's profile folders using the backup function) has progresses 13.8gb in 8 hours or so. There is no resource constraints on the workstation (i7, pcie4 ssd, new setup) and our network connectivity is (tested) around 800mbps upstream and downstream.


It looks like the client is uploading for a few seconds then stops and "waits" doing nothing for a while. No CPU/Disk/Network activity at all. This cycle repeats for days until it is finally finished.


Restarting Onedrive app/client doesn't make any difference.


Is this normal?

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