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Hi the new OneDrive Admin portal looks great and is just what my customers need, however I have been unable to set it to enforce a policy on mobile devices. I have ticked the relevant boxes (block file download being the main one) and saved the policy, however when logged on and using the OneDrive App on an iPhone, the policy is not enforced. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I have Intune setup and also have Office 365 MDM device policy and the user I am logged in as is a member of the device policy group. I have also assigned the Apple PN certificate and enrolled the iPhone device etc. I'm not sure whether the Office 365 MDM side of things is even relevant, however I'm including it here for info purposes. I thought the OneDrive Admin policy would just apply globally to all OneDrive users accessing using the OneDrive App? Cheers Neil.

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Hi @Neil Wells-West,


Thanks for reaching out with this issue. Can you confirm the following pieces for me?

  1. Does the iPhone user have an Intune license assigned to them?
  2. Is the policy in the admin portal set to "Deployed"? (Note: You need to click save at the bottom of the page after flipping the deployed switch).




Stephen Rice

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