Admin user locked out of OneDrive for Business admin page

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I recently applied a security policy to OneDrive for Business allowing access from a specified IP only, apparently it was not done correctly and now no user can access OneDrive or Sharepoint and we receive this message "Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources from this network location" even when trying to access from the IP address specified.  When I try to log in to the OneDrive admin page using any global admin account to remove the new security policy I cannot access the admin page and get an error message that says "Access Denied.  You need to be an admin.  Log out and try again with an admin account"


The restricted access should not be a problem if I can remove the policy, however I can´t access the admin page with any admin account.  


Any suggestions?

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They warn you about this :)


Open a support case, the MS folks can remove the restrictions on your behalf.

LOL...Vasil is right, you have to be very carefull when configuring this new setting in ODFB

@Alan Muñoz,


As mentioned above, contacting support is the only option right now. We are looking at ways to make it a little more difficult to get into this predicament. Smiley Happy Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi there,


I am having the same problem - is there any way to fix this without creating a support ticket now?


If not - can someone tell me where/how I can create a ticket?


I just found that:

But when I want to open a request I would need to purachse a single ticket for 500$ oO


Thanks for your help!

Ok, just ignore that - somehow its working again now and the enabled checkbox is not checked anymore - without me doing anything...