One user multiple computers

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I work alone and am looking at using Onedrive to sync and backup files between my office desktop and my laptop at home. I need about 5TB storage so don't know if Onedrive works for this and what plan. Business plans have unlimited storage but are per user - does me using 2 computers count as 1 user or 2?  


I want to be able to work on something in the office, shutdown and be able to pick up on that latest version of the project at home. Also have all the important things backed up in case of disaster. Is Onedrive right for this? 

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It's not the number of computers but login accounts that count as users. A single user can access OneDrive from roughly 15 devices (desktop, tablet, phone).

Your use case for shutdown and pickup elsewhere works, but by itself OneDrive is not a backup solution. If you choose to delete a file then it is only recoverable for a few months. It will protect you again day to day mishaps and ransomware attacks but not your own mistakes in deletion. (DITTO Dropbox, Google drive etc)

@MikeWWW thanks very much. Perfect!