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Good evening

today I happened to see a pc that hadn't been synchronizing on onedriver for I don't know how long, just logging out and back in, I discovered one fine day that instead of synchronizing files it was deleting them what could have happened

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Without seeing what you have it's impossible to tell for sure. It's possible that you've deleted files in the cloud or another synced device, and so OneDrive is simply deleting local files to complete the sync process.
no actually no, the device that had synchronization with onedrive did not have an open location and therefore continued to save locally the only thing more that was done was to uninstall a drive and reinstall it. but once installed it did not request to synchronize giving the possibility to change the folder it reappeared by itself .. this share point is shared with several people .. and when it went into processing the changes it began to delete files 75000 not a few found all in the trash.. how is this possible? the name was that of the person who was using the PC in question
That one sentence reply is incomprehensible