My Onedrive app for android lost "Clean up space" option.

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I cant find the option for clean up my device anymore. 

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Also a friend of mine has that problem, me not. Suggestions?
Same here, option seems to be removed
Same here. My phone is full. I use on drive to upload photos automatically and keep phone storage empty. Why this option was removed?

Clean up space not working in Android 11 [PENDING]
Last Updated: 28 April 2021


For users on Android 11, the OneDrive mobile app does not clean up space as promised.

We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Check for the file or photos in the OneDrive mobile app or at If the files or photos are present then you can safely remove them from your device.
I logged a ticket with Microsoft for this and they have informed me that the feature has been removed but will not tell me why. They had the audacity to suggest I should add it to some feature ideas forum when they have clearly already had the idea as it used to work!

Anyway I have resolved the issue by another means. Under the assumption that files are syncing to the cloud no problem, I only need to delete old photos from before a certain date, say more than six months. There is a crappy but effective app you can use for this.

Works for me, hope it does for others.
I do no believe the support. My wife still has it for months. It's gone for me.
On Android 12 it is also missing.

Hi everyone and @Deolindo,
I was having this issue too.

Try to sync Gallery [the app from Samsung] and OneDrive, and then go to the OneDrive app.

These are the steps I did:
Go to he Gallery app settings and click on Sync to OneDrive.
Note that a warning message will appear (before or after you click on Sync - I don't remember): It is something about the difference between sync and backup. After syncing, a file deleted on the phone will be deleted from OneDrive (unless you use the Cleanup option, I think... and hope - I didn't tested yet - I'll do a backup before cleanup, just to be sure).

After that, a new option will appear on the OneDrive app: Me > Settings > Gallery Sync.
The Cleanup option should appear now.

I hope this works for you all. Let me know if it worked or not.

(It worked on a Galaxy S10+ and a Galaxy Note 10+).

Hi Martin,
Are you using a Samsung phone?
Have you tried to sync the OneDrive app with the Gallery app?
Hi no luck here with a non Samsung phone and Android 10.
What an incompetence from MSFT Batman!

Losers, ops, users!

This is really sad. Years in a row using 1drv, and probably switching back to GPhotos bkp.

I really hope that this feature come back some day.
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Good news since yesterday the feature has returned on my poco x3 nfc without any actions.

Thank you OneDrive team.

@Karl-WE Oh! My Redmi Note 9 pro too.

OMG this is so good.


Tks for the information. 

Yep. Same here. Pixel 3/Android 12. Finally! Way to go Microsoft, now let's keep the devs in lock step with OS compatibility.
YES, the feature is back !!

Dear all, the onedrive app "Clean up space" option is available, however when I press on this option, it starts to load and excecute the function, however, it is always stuck in the end after hours on around 60% and in the end nothing has been deleted. Any idea how to fix this?


Yes, I'm having a similar issue. My completion bar will get all the way to the end and then just stall out. It never finishes the process. I tried contacting customer support and they just told me to contact Samsung...
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best response confirmed by Deolindo (Copper Contributor)
Good news since yesterday the feature has returned on my poco x3 nfc without any actions.

Thank you OneDrive team.

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