My Onedrive app for android lost "Clean up space" option.

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I cant find the option for clean up my device anymore. 

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Mine won't even show a progress bar. I click the option and nothing happens except the option becomes unselectable after. 

Anyone else have this issue?? 

Android 12 


@AC1-2_1 same here on Pixel 6. Files stay on phone...

Works fine with me and my wife's.

I can see the option (as of sep 2022) but it did not actually work.

I let me click but not clearing space.

@kamfung I can confirm your observation.


The OD cleanup reported to free up 1,4 GB of space but nothing happened and the notification appeared again.


After investigating I found that if you manually delete or move pictures in the Google Photos App and the total amount of delete able pictures / folders already synced to OD becomes zero OD free up space feature will get stuck eternally. 


In this case you need to uninstall OneDrive app on Android and setup again. 


Prevent to move or delete pictures on your device after they have been synced to OD.

If at all just delete few, not all of them from the phone with any other tool.


@Hans Brender do you know a PM that would be interested to check and fix this glitch?