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Hi , not sure I’ve come to the correct place , I have had issues with my previous email which they have now blocked , now as of this my onedrive with all my memories on is inaccessible due to the email being blocked 


I can go onto it and see my content in small boxes but cannot download them or open them videos etc , as it asks me to sign in which is impossible as they blocked it , this has caused me a massive inconvenience


non the less all I want to do is retrieve all my memories as I have loads of a recent family member which is no longer with us


i payed the yearly subscription and downloaded everything to onedrive , not expecting for this kind of thing to happen 


please if someone can help would be great 



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Who is "they"?

If you did not license OneDrive directly from Microsoft then you may have been scammed. You need to contact Microsoft in your country and the police.

It may be too late, but do not use OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive as your sole backup or storage.
Cabbiej, it sounds like you longer have access to the email that you used for your microsoft account to sign into onedrive. Without that, if you have lost/forgotten/gotten locked out of your microsoft login, you've lost your basic recovery path. Did you also give microsoft a phone number? You might be able to use that to do a password recovery. Or you may have configured microsoft authenticator on your phone and can use that. Those are your three basic recovery methods:
authenticator app

If none of these is available to you, eventually in the recovery dialogs you'll come to a password recovery page "We need to verify your identity" that has a link "I don't have any of these" and that will take you to a form "Recover your account" where you can provide your existing microsoft account email and new email, and they will try to authenticate you. This may be impossible if you have severed all your links with your old accounts, but you can try.