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I digitizing all of my parents' photos and a lot of them have written descriptions on the back. How do I keep both sides of a photo together when uploading? Is this possible? It seems that when I upload them, they become scrambled. Is this possible to keep them organized the way I have them on my hard drive?

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@stombell Include key information in the file names, including estimated dates in the form YYYYMMDD (or YYYY-MM etc). If you scanning are both sides, then there are various options like

* 1999-12-31 PhotoXXX-A

* 1999-12-31 PhotoXXX-B


* 1999-12-31 PhotoXXX

* 1999-12-31 PhotoXXX-notes

@Mike Williams Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you're saying that I would need to manually update the file name on the pics? With thousands of photos, I don't think this is a realistic option. I am looking for something more automated but perhaps that may not be possible.

@stombell I've been through your exercise in the past, and have administered large institutional file servers with millions of pictures. If you don't label the files yourself, you are kicking the problem down the road.


Depending on how you're digitising the photos, the scanner software may give you some naming options. Otherwise using a bulk file renaming tool e.g. "Bulk Rename Utility" (free). Whatever the case, OneDrive doesn't have a native processing solution for this.