finding photos by date on One Drive

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On the All Photos page the search field states: Find photos by date, tags, location and more. 


However, when I type in a date it shows zero results even though I have many photos with that date on my OneDrive. I use the same format OneDrive uses. For example: Dec 24, 2023


Any suggestions? 

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I see the opposite version of this problem. For me, entering any date, in any date format that I can imagine, gives results of hundreds or thousands of photos of apparently random dates in random order, and no idea why the system thinks they match my date search.

Similiarly, onedrive can't find a photo by file name. Here's a file name that should exactly match one photo: 20240422_024327165_iOS.heic Actual matches: 915 (in some random order). This makes photo search basically useless.

There's a workaround for the filename search; exit Photos and search in My Files instead. But for dates, file search seems no better than photo search.