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MSIX packaging tool fixups

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Hi Team,


As we know latest version msix packaging tool have integration of PSF fixup could you please provide the parameter which we have to enter in fixups for example few screenshots below.

1. What are the option we need to select in Redirect type 


2. If redirect type as package relative is selected what needs to be provided for Base, Patterns and Redirect target Base. please share the syntax and examples.


Please share the syntax and examples for other fixups as well.



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The documentation you are asking for is provided in the readme files in the Microsoft open-source code on GitHub for the particular component. For example, the information you want on FileRedirection fixup would be here:

In the TimMangan fork on GitHub, a more useable form of documentation for IT Pros exists in the form of a wiki, linked below. Be aware that the wiki documents this different fork and has options not present in the code Microsoft is using, but for the questions you ask above. In general, the wiki will help you understand the concepts and you should then check the Microsoft fork readme to confirm exact syntax.