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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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PSF Config generation / validation

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Further to the latest release of the MSIX Packaging Tool, it highlights the advantages of configuring the PSF fixups through the GUI now which is great.
Can someone clarify the type of pattern that is being used is then placed in the config.json file.  Is this a json specific type of regex which I need to brush up on.

Screenshot of the PSF fixups options in the Package editor..png
I came across this article that highlights the automation of creating the config.json files but doesn't give any guidance on what the pattern should be or provide a way of validating it with examples of how a file being re-directed would be matched.

I appreciate it gives a preview option for the config.json but it doesn't parse the file like you see when manifest edits are being made.
If the patterns could be validated using something like then it would allow adoption of the PSF for migrations easier.

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Have been informed that it is in fact Javascript ECML flavor of regex.

Thanks for sharing that feedback. We will continue working towards making this feature more intuitive. 

For the question on validating patterns - Yes, you can use any regex validator tool, like the one you mentioned, to verify the regex patterns.