What’s new in MSIX: May 2024
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We’re thrilled to announce that the MSIX Packaging Tool (v1.2024.405.0) is generally available. This version introduces new enhancements in the Package Support Framework (PST)-MSIX Packaging Tool (MPT) Integration designed to streamline conversions for IT professionals and developers.

In addition, we have a version (v1.2024.508.0) available to Windows Insiders. You can access this by signing up for the Windows Insiders Program. The Insiders release features the integration of Trusted Signing, which is currently in public preview. We’re excited for you to try these new features and look forward to your feedback.

Enhancements now in general availability

PSF-MPT fixup enhancements

In response to customer feedback, we have made enhancements to the PSF fixups supported through the MSIX Packaging Tool user interface. To make MSIX conversions more simple, the tool now supports additional PSF fixups including:

Screenshot of PSF Fixups selection options in in the Package editor of the MSIX Packaging ToolScreenshot of PSF Fixups selection options in in the Package editor of the MSIX Packaging Tool

In addition to the existing fixups, the tool also has been enhanced to provide more guidance and heuristics. This will assist IT pros in selecting appropriate PSF fixups for their applications, thereby improving user guidance.

Sparse package improvements

In the past, invoking a sparse package would display a splash screen when launching an app from the share sheet. This was a common occurrence when a user would take an image, right-click to share, and then select the Snipping Tool as the app in the share sheet. A splash screen appears for a brief moment.

We understand that such interruptions, however brief, can disrupt the user’s experience. That is why share sheet now honors the splash screen settings for sparse packages. This enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to improving user experience and ensuring seamless interactions with applications.

Screenshot of Share sheet with enhanced splash screen settingsScreenshot of Share sheet with enhanced splash screen settings

Features now in public preview

Integration of Trusted Signing

One of the most exciting features in the most recent version of the MSIX Packaging Tool is the integration of Trusted Signing, which enables remote signing of apps without requiring a local certificate on the packaging machine. A primary benefit is that it simplifies the app signing process and reduces the risk of exposing the certificate. This feature is now in public preview and can be accessed by joining the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program.

Before you start, ensure that you create three Trusted Signing resources:

  • A Trusted Signing account
  • An identity validation
  • A certificate profile

If you don’t already have these resources, you can use these instructions to set them up.

Follow the steps below to take advantage of this feature in the MSIX Packaging Tool:

  1. In the Application Package Wizard, go to the Create package flow, and proceed to Select installer.
  2. From the drop-down menu under Signing Preference, select the Sign with Azure Trusted Signing option.
  3. Configure the attributes with your Trusted Signing Account name and the Certificate Profile name.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the Azure Region name where your Trusted Signing resource is available.
  5. Proceed with the rest of the packaging steps to generate the signed MSIX package.

Screenshot of Create new package feature and settings in the MSIX Packaging ToolScreenshot of Create new package feature and settings in the MSIX Packaging Tool

MSIX Developer Survey 2024

We’re inviting developers to contribute to the enhancement of MSIX! We’ve initiated a survey to gauge your experience with MSIX and discover areas for improvement. By sparing a few minutes to share your thoughts, you can play a crucial role in refining MSIX for the developer community. Your insights will help us make MSIX better for all developers!

While these are all the features that we are announcing today, it is only possible through the feedback of community members who support shaping the future of MSIX. Please do continue to provide your input via the Feedback Hub. If you have a feature request, you can submit ideas in the MSIX Tech Community. If you’re interested in checking out the new features join the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program today!

Thank you for your interest in MSIX!

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