What’s new in MSIX: October 2023
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The latest Insiders build of MSIX Packaging tool (v1.2023.1005.0) is now available. In this release, we’ve added features to make the conversion process simpler. Here’s a rundown of the major improvements, which you can download from the Microsoft Store.

  • PSF – MPT integration (via GUI)
  • Package Analyzer

PSF – MPT integration (via GUI)

In the earlier versions of the tool, we allowed injecting Package Support Framework (PSF) scripts into the package via the MSIX Packaging Tool (MPT) command line. Taking feedback from the community around the complexity involved with configuring these PSF fixups, we’re now enabling addition of PSF fixups from MSIX Packaging Tool GUI!

For fixes you know you need to apply, use the GUI and configure the required parameters. The tool automates the config. generation process, eliminating the need for manual edits and the potential for human errors!

You’ll find the PSF Fixups Tab in the Package Editor flow of the tool.

For example, Photoviewer is a sample app that has been successfully converted to MSIX, but it fails to launch because, due to MSIX restrictions, it tries to write into package folder. The solution to this issue is through PSF by applying File Redirection Fixup:

  1. Select the Application ID as present in the manifest. The Executable Path will be populated automatically.
  2. Select Fixup type as File Redirection Fixup.
  3. Now, in the right pane, select Package Relative as the Redirect Type.
  4. Fill in the other mandatory fields, like base path and patterns, that you want to redirect.

Screenshot of Package editor with PSF Fixups.png

  1. You can review the configurations applied by clicking on Preview config.json, located at the bottom of the screen. The tool also allows you to select another fixup and apply it in the same flow.

Screenshot of the config.json example for Package editor.png

  1. Click on Save to select if you wish to increment the versioning for your package and save it in the location of your choice.

Screenshot of Package successfully created.png

Here are the fixups supported in the current preview:

  • Working Directory
  • Command Line Arguments
  • PowerShell Start/End Script
  • In Package Context
  • File Redirection Fixup
  • Reg Legacy Fixup

For more details about the metadata required for these fixups, refer to our MSIX-PackageSupportFramwork repo on GitHub. To learn more about this feature, see Microsoft Learn.

Package Analyzer

Debugging post-conversion issues is often tedious and requires both time and effort, especially for folks new to MSIX. To simplify this process, we’re introducing Package Analyzer in the MSIX Packaging Tool. This feature offers runtime analysis of a MSIX package, identifies potential problems, and offers suggestions to resolve these identified issues. By facilitating the analysis of the package with one simple button, the tool detects and applies the selected fix, streamlining the conversion process.

To try this feature, navigate to the Package Analyzer tab in the Package Editor flow of the MSIX Packaging Tool and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the package of your choice and sign the app with a certificate (this is a required step in the current Preview).
  2. Navigate to Package Analyzer tab and select Analyze Package.
  3. Play around with the app functionalities as the tool continues to monitor the package in the background.

Screenshot of Package analysis in progress.png

  1. Once you’re comfortable with testing the application, select the Stop Analysis button in the tool. If there are problems encountered with the package, the tool will show the detected problems and possible remediation approaches.

Screenshot of Package Analyzer.png

  1. Click on Save to apply and watch the magic come live!

The following fixup suggestions are supported in the current release:

  • RegLegacyFixups(PSF)
  • Installed location Virtualization
  • SearchPathoverride

To learn more about this feature, see Analyze and resolve runtime issues.

Once again, we thank the community members for helping shape the future of MSIX. Please do continue to provide your inputs via the Feedback Hub. If you have a feature ask you can submit ideas in the MSIX Tech Community. If you’re interested in checking out the new features join the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program today!

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