FTA Shell verb limitations because reserved for system use


In packaging a traditional application, it sets up file type association verbs for a number of file types, including png and ttf.


The manifest validates and package creates just fine.  When you attempt to install the package, the desktop appinstaller fails during installation with the message:


App installation failed with error message:  AppXManifest.xml(line,col:( error 0x80080204: Cannot register the XXX package because the '.ttf' file type association is reserved for system use. (0x80080204).


Here is the portion of the AppXManifest file:


<uap3:Extension Category="windows.fileTypeAssociation">
<uap3:FileTypeAssociation Name="ttf">
<uap3:Verb Id="open" uap7:Default="false" Parameters=""%1"">open</uap3:Verb>


The ttf fta is defined in the base OS under the HKLM\Software\Classes\SystemFileAssociations key, but so are a lot of others, including png.


Can you please define the list of restricted ftas? This is necessary for third-party tooling to ensure good packages are being generated.


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